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Tanja Steinbach

“Knit yourself happy – handicraft needle work is so relaxing!”

As a knitwear designer at LANA GROSSA, Tanja Steinbach is part of the team responsible for developing yarns and models. The passionate expert also shares her knowledge in books, TV shows and her blog.

With a keen sense for trends and colors, a preference for fine raw materials and a tireless drive for innovation, Tanja Steinbach develops yarns and models that inspire.


Overwhelmingly hot or changeable? Opinions on the forecast for the summer 2024 differ greatly. But one thing is for certain: with our designs you are well prepared right around the clock.

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Summer is on the way. Since it will probably be a hot one, the designers are providing us with a full complement of comfy airy mesh and crochet optic designs. Loose silhouettes also promise balanced comfort.

Other trends: Polo necks are here to stay. In addition, there are modern twists borrowed from retro styles that allude to the good old days.  Besides the natural tones, black and white is on show – timeless non-colors that can be effortlessly combined. Optimistic tones of yellow and green, pink and blue lift the spirits.

Stripes also make life colorful. Afterall we all need a bit of magic, helping us to remain positive as we steer our energies calmly through global turmoil.

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    About us

    ALWAYS SOMETHING SPECIAL: This motto has made LANA GROSSA one of the most successful suppliers of hand knitting yarns within the central European market. We stand for superior quality and creative knitting pattern designs.

    From novelty yarns utilising innovative fiber construction to the more classical sock yarns, the product range encompasses everything that is trendy, inspiring generations to knit that special fashion piece for themselves.

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    Sustainability and environmental awareness

    At LANA GROSSA we live sustainability. Our yarn is made exclusively in leading Italian spinning mills and are certified in many areas.

    Sustainability – where does it start and where does it end? Firstly, we need to rethink. No step is too small for our sustainability agenda. With measurably reduced emissions as a clear target, we are guided on our way… to learn and constantly improve. Sustainability means many things, we also aim to take care of our employees, we also strive for the same end goal with our business partners. Modern and flexible working conditions, fair wages and the engagement of passionate knitters.

    As animal welfare is close to our hearts, our wool is guaranteed mulesing-free since 2020.

    Sara Nuru

    “What I appreciate most about knitting is that I get to work with my hands and fabulous fibers and the creative outlet knitting provides.”
    Sara Nuru – Brand Ambassador for LANA GROSSA.

    Sara Nuru is also an ambassador for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and for the Karlheinz Böhm Foundation “Menschen für Menschen.” She is committed to sustainability and fair working conditions in Ethiopia – the home of her parents and the country of origin of her coffee.