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Creative ideas, helpful tips and inspiration: LANA GROSSA magazines bring all this and more to the world of knitting and crocheting. From the latest fashion trends to unusual and exciting patterns and techniques, you’ll find it in our magazines which are sold at fine yarn shops and major book retailers.

Fall/Winter 2020

  • Magazines
    • Issue 17


      Oooh …. What a cutie!!

      So many oohs and aahs…. yes, you will be fit to burst when you see …
    • Issue 73

      Filati Home

      The squirrel knitter method.

      What, may you ask, is a squirrel knitting method? Indulge us, for …
    • Issue 8

      About Berlin

      Berlin style!? What is it actually?

      Is there substance behind the adage, Berlin Style? If so, …
    • Issue 60

      Filati Journal

      Ready, get set, fall has arrived!

      Although we still have another few weeks left to the summer, …
    • Issue 9


      How did that happen? Is it winter already?

      No, of course not, but that won’t stop us from optimistically …
    • Issue 19

      Filati Classici Women

      The love of wool meets perfection

      When the love of wool, high-quality yarns and timeless colors …
    • Issue 19

      Filati Classici Men

      A weekend without knitting? Unthinkable! 

      Picture this, it’s a Friday afternoon, the bag …
    • Issue 1


      Artcollectors take note!

      Our new hand-dyed yarns are so colorful and individual, they couldeasily …
  • Booklets
    • Issue 14

      Strick & Filz

      Boho sends its love!

      BOHO is an abbreviation of Bohemian and since the 19th century it represents …
    • Issue 06/20


      In this LANDLUST 06/20 booklet special, we have picked a selection of 16 exclusive knitting patterns …
    • Issue 6


      From sock wool you knit socks!?

      Yes, from sock wool you knit socks. But things are never quite …
    • Issue 20


      Many little feel-good projects!

      “Today I knit, tomorrow I wear, the day after that I savour …
    • Issue Special


      Luxury to the power of three! What could be softer than cashmere?

      We have searched far and …
    • Issue 6


      Happy, happier, Gomitolo!

      This sums up succinctly how we feel about our cuddly, cosy Gomitolo …
    • Issue 1

      Rosa P.

      Everyone loves a classic

      With designer Rosa P. we have in a manner of speaking, collaborated on …
    • Issue 4

      Tücher & Co.

      Scarves are presumably pack animals 

      Looking into the wardrobes of most knitters and crocheters …
  • Flyers
    • Issue 2020

      Best of LANDLUST Merino 120 & 180

      In the new LANDLUST Leporello we have selected 18 of our most successful designs from our licenced LANDLUST …
    • Issue 2020

      Hand-dyed Flyer

      The hand-dyed collection is on its second round.

      We already knew that hand-dyed wools are bang …
    • Issue 2020

      Landlust DIE SOCKENWOLLE

      24 x Sock Fun

      The new Landlust licensed sock yarn made of super-soft merino wool makes a lot of …

Spring/Summer 2020

  • Magazines
    • Issue 3

      About Berlin Special

      Conspicuously inconspicuous 

      The mystery behind our About Berlin Styles is there is no mystery. …
    • Issue 1

      Infanti Edition

      Finally, the wait is over

      Perhaps she or he is the image of their father and has their mother’s …
    • Issue 18

      Filati Classici Women

      What do knitting and cooking have in common?

      Our Classici always presents us with our biggest …
    • Issue 18

      Filati Classici Men

      Favorite sweaters are like best friends

      What are the qualities of a great friendship? You love …
    • Issue 59

      Filati Journal

      “If it were summer now”

      Have you heard the refrain from Ingo Pohlmann’s hit song that’s …
    • Issue 13

      Linea Pura

      Rich in vitamin sea! 

      More time at the beach is always a good idea and with our new Linea …
    • Issue 8


      La vita e bella!

      Picture the scene…at home, sipping on a cappuccino, a smile  as bright …
  • Booklets
    • Issue 1


      Ready, set, crochet!

      As temperatures surge, the crotchet stitch size increases, and so the lighter …
    • Issue 5


      Please sir. I want some more!

      Absolutely! Its always an advantage when one has more balls of yarns …
  • Flyers
    • Issue 3

      Shades of Cotton

      Stamp collecting is so yesterday

      A little bird has told us, that there are hunters and gathers …
    • Issue 2020


      Stable Nets work!

      So you care about our environment. You also, unsurprisingly, care about how …
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