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Creative ideas, helpful tips and inspiration: LANA GROSSA magazines bring all this and more to the world of knitting and crocheting. From the latest fashion trends to unusual and exciting patterns and techniques, you’ll find it in our magazines which are sold at fine yarn shops and major book retailers.

Fall/Winter 2018

  • Magazines
    • Issue 70

      Filati Home

      Handmade decorations and furnishings – a smart investment in your home!

      Whether you live in …
    • Issue 6

      About Berlin

      Berlin’s fashion, music and art scene is gaining worldwide recognition and the city is being hailed …
    • Issue 56

      Filati Journal

      Although it’s still the middle of summer, we are pleased to present our Filati Journal No. 56 for the …
    • Issue 7

      Filati Trachten

      The Trachten look is always in and fashionable, whether you pair a traditional „Janker“ (cardigan) …
    • Issue 15

      Filati Classici

      Get ready for winter with our Slow Wool Special!

      Fashion basics for a better world might sound …
    • Issue 15

      Filati Classici

      Get ready for winter with our Slow Wool Special! 

      Fashion basics for a better world might sound …
  • Booklets
    • Issue 5


      Think you've seen every handknitted sock under the sun?   Think again! In this unique collection of …
    • Issue 1

      About Berlin Special

      Cool accessories with an urban vibe   Are you inspired by the latest street-style knits from Berlin’s …
    • Issue 3 - EXCLUSIV ONLINE

      Filati Size+

      Style at large   You love to knit and wear sweaters, but you are not a model size? We have the …
    • Issue 10

      Filati Kids

      All kids love comfy, soft, colorful and non-scratchy sweaters, hats, scarves and jackets.

      We took …
    • Issue 12

      Strick & Filz

      Ready, set, felt: bags, pillow covers, rugs, slippers, home decor and accessories. Also in this issue: …
    • Issue 2

      Filati Alpaca

      In praise of alpacas (or „Vicugna pacos“ for those more scientifically-minded):

      These cute …
    • Issue 7

      Filati Collezione II

      Fall is right around the corner, the heat of the summer is almost behind us and knitters everywhere yearn …
    • Issue 2


      Everyone is in love with Gomitolo. You’ll garner lots of attention when knitting in public with this …
    • Issue 6

      Filati Collezione I

      Light and airy; weightless, soft and lofty – these are just some of the words to describe this winter’s …
  • Flyers
    • Issue 2018

      Pompon Flyer

      Pom poms – a fun and creative way to decorate and embellish!  These fuzzy Finnraccoon pom poms …
    • Issue 2018

      Olympia Flyer

      We love the Olympics!   The knitting Olympics that is...the quickest project contest, the minimal …
    • Issue 2018

      Luxury Shades Flyer

      Luxury Shades – the name says it all. We took away the frills and added a big dose of luxury to this …
    • Issue 3

      Shades of Merino Cotton

      Glorious colors abound in this striking pattern collection. Both knitters and crocheters alike will have …
    • Issue 2018

      Slow Wool Flyer

      Wool from happy sheep makes for happy and relaxing knitting! And our Slow Wool yarns will make knitters …
    • Issue 2018

      Cool Wool Big 1:1

      We’re jumping for joy over our Cool Wool Big 1:1 and we know that you will too. Each 200 g ball comes …

Spring/Summer 2018

  • Magazines
    • Issue 69

      Filati Handstrick

      Making everyone happy!

      For our new Handstrick (handknit) magazine, we decided to ignore the …
    • Issue 14

      Filati Classici

      When you think of fashion classics, do you think “boring and dowdy, something for grandmas and aunts …
    • Issue 55

      Filati Journal

      Let’s add a little more glamour to our everyday lives! We were in Morocco in absolutely fairy-tale …
    • Issue 11

      Linea Pura

      Cool and casual summer fashion knit in environmentally-friendly and sustainable yarns.

      People …
  • Booklets
    • Issue 2

      Tücher & Co.

      There’s a hint of summer in the air Light and airy shawls and scarves are tailor-made for warmer temperatures.

      No …
    • Issue 2

      Filati Lino

      Summer + Sun = LINO

      Our grandmothers certainly knew what they were doing when they changed …
    • Issue 5

      Filati Collezione I+II

      What exactly does transitional mean?

      In the good old days every good wardrobe had what we called …
    • Issue 5

      Filati Lookbook

      Textured spring yarns exemplify cool catwalk elegance. It feels like we’ve been waiting for spring …
  • Flyers
    • Issue 2018

      Shades of Cotton Flyer

      Colourful scarves and shawls keep friendships alive!

      A pink triangular shawl for Verena, …
    • Issue 2018

      Gomitolo Estate Flyer

      A cool combo for hot summers

      Our purchasing department calls this blend a “multifilament cotton …
    • Issue 2018

      Primavera Flyer

      A yarn for all occasions!

      Have you ever knitted a beautiful sweater only to be disappointed …
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