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Creative ideas, helpful tips and inspiration: LANA GROSSA magazines bring all this and more to the world of knitting and crocheting. From the latest fashion trends to unusual and exciting patterns and techniques, you’ll find it in our magazines which are sold at fine yarn shops and major book retailers.

Fall/Winter 2021

  • Magazines
    • Issue 62

      Filati Journal

      Minimum effort, maximum effect

      Heck ya! When it comes to our luxury yarns, they're not trying …
    • Issue 21


      Mine - Yours - Ours!

      Our new unisex collection is pretty convenient and saves time on those early …
    • Issue 11


      We loooove Oversized!

      Our suuuper duuper oversized designs have a couple of really cool features …
    • Issue 2

      Merino Edition

      Everything Merino!

      Our Merino yarns really deliver. If you long for yarns that should satisfy …
  • Booklets
    • Issue 12


      The Mini-Me appeal!

      Was it not always the case that the young adorn themselves in the trappings …
    • Issue 21


      New additions, to lift your mood

      Yes, autumn is here! It’s now peak season for knitted accessories. …
    • Issue 8


      If you don't mind, my name is Maya!

      Let me introduce myself. I am the most recent addition to …

Spring/Summer 2021

  • Magazines
    • Issue 2


      Hand-dyed enters round 2!

      Color names like Jamun, Neem, Sonam or Disha alone can instantly transport …
    • Issue 9

      About Berlin

      Berlin, we love you!

      We envy our designers who get to hang out in Berlins trendy districts, spending the …
    • Issue 2

      Infanti Edition

      Every princess listen up please!

      Get ready for a life as a baby fashionista. We have all the groundwork …
    • Issue 20

      Classici Women

      Knit a relaxed path to fulfilment 

      Simple, understated, beautiful, cosy cuddly, …
    • Issue 20

      Classici Men

      Do you wear your suit in home office? Of course not!

      Of course we don’t sit at …
    • Issue 61

      Filati Journal

      Try on a little Flower Power

      How easy it is to lift our spirits: a vase of tulips on the sideboard, …
    • Issue 14

      Linea Pura

      Well, isn’t that just typical….

      Laid-back, modest and soothingly relaxed: typical Linea Pura. …
    • Issue 10


      First come, first knits.

      “Good planning is half the battle” is the ethos we had in mind as …
  • Booklets
    • Issue 5

      Tücher & Co.

      Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

      Colorful or plain, chunky or knitted with delicate Ecopuno, with a …
    • Issue 3


       You simply must love Boho!

      The hip Boho style is tailor-made for colorful, ethnic inspired …
    • Issue 7


      Happiness you can touch

      Those who claim that happiness cannot be touched, have not yet had the …
  • Flyers
    • Issue 2021


      Stable Nets work!

      So you care about our environment. You also, unsurprisingly, care about how …
    • Issue 2021

      Best of LANDLUST Sommerseide

      A little more beach time please!

      The perfect yarn for summer, sun, sea and that holiday feeling? …
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