Lana Grossa



All merino wools in the LANA GROSSA range are guaranteed mulesing free, without exception. This is an important milestone for our demanding sustainability agenda.

Our production process is meticulous, from the best quality raw wool through to the soft ball of wool. Careful shearing is carried out to maintain the health and welfare of the animals. Our conditions stipulate that they must also be “freed” from the heavy wool at least once a year. To this day shearing remains a skill involving pure manual labour. After washing and repeated combing, the fiber is divided into different qualities in preparation for further processing in the spinning mills.

Merino wool is particularly distinguished by the following characteristics:

It is non scratch, hardly pills and is dirt resistant.

In addition to this it is thermoregulating, it warms in cold temperatures and cools in the heat.

Merino wool is often chosen for its easy-care properties and its natural UV protection. It is flame resistant, antistatic and crease resistant.

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