Lana Grossa

Marketing concept

In the long-standing tradition of Lana Grossa, FILATI magazines  and booklets play a central role. In addition, in a constantly
evolving digital world, it is becoming increasingly important to make use of all available marketing channels. Whether in cooperation with leading high-circulation magazines or a strong social media presence, we strive to promote hand knitting to the widest possible number of potential end users.

Additionally, we offer direct support for POS systems, supply mannequins as well as attractive and cost effective store displays and window decorations.

LANA GROSSA’s product range strives to be all-inclusive; our wide variety of handknitting yarns ensures that all of a retail store’s needs are met. At the same time, LANA GROSSA’s product range policy aims to offer an essential range of core products of classic and fashionable yarns which ensures continued demand as well as availability for years to come.

LANA GROSSA’s yarn collection includes classic as well as high-fashion trend yarns; in short, everything a creative knitter desires. Extrafine Merino wool, baby alpaca, mohair and cashmere are essentail fibers for winter; cotton, linen and silk dominate in summer.

Sustainability and fair trade are important factors in LANA GROSSA’s production and supply chain. All our materials are of the highest quality and are our yarns are produced in leading Italian spinning mills using the latest in technology.