Lana Grossa

Issue 2018

Colourful scarves and shawls keep friendships alive!

A pink triangular shawl for Verena, a voluminous green shawl for Theresa, the skinny scarf for Lilly and a blue one for Joyce: that could be your plan for the coming month. Month? Yes, month is right! You’ll have these pieces finished in no time, because the gradient colors make for addictive knitting as you watch your project gradually change color row by row. But what about the other eleven months of the year?

Well, with 10 available colorways, you can make every scarf and shawl ten times! Each colorway is unique and different and lets you bring out your inner artist. However, if strange women start turning up at your door saying they’re your “best friend”, you might have gone too far. But you had endless knitting and crocheting fun!

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