Lana Grossa

Issue 9

Winter reloaded

The best thing about cold days is having the option to take your new chunky knitwear out and about. Here you will find the perfect piece – from cool to classic, made with thrilling yarns, just the yarn itself gives a simple design that wow-factor.

In addition, we feature Thorsten Duit. We have three of his casual structural knit patterns, all created from his favorite LANA GROSSA yarns.

Thorsten Duit – founder of Duit & Knit tells us: “When I was four, my grandmother showed me how to crochet and how to knit when I was six. I have loved it ever since. Knitting grounds me: I can meditate, listen to books, watch TV and chat to friends. Thinking about wool fascinates me, the makeup, the structure, the appealing colors and the way the yarn strands perform. Every swatch is an expedition into a small new world in which I feel more or less at home. I share my knowledge on my blog Duit & Knit and on my YouTube channel of the same name.

Even after 40 years of knitting experience, I still find myself excited about the new season yarn releases. To keep myself up to date, I travel a lot. I got to know the boss of LANA GROSSA a while ago. We met at the Cologne h+h, the world biggest handicraft expo. The result is this men’s issue in which I have contributed three of my designs. In preparation I spent time playing with lots of LANA GROSSA yarns and this helped me to develop ideas. It was important to me that I created a garment that sits well, is wearable but also has lovely colors. It follows my motto: men, reveal your color”.

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