Lana Grossa

Issue 20

WITH HONORS: 47 x ENCHANTING! Soft and irresistibly warm, joyfully colorful or in soothing solids, the designs from playful to classic – all presented in our new INFANTI COLLECTION of mini garments.

The adorable hats, little socks and rompers, the jackets, sweaters and blankets, don’t just charm us grown-ups… the little ones will also feel incredibly comfortable too! As the following pages reveal there is lots of zooming and playing, cuddling a friendly rhinoceros made with organic cotton, all the while a huggable soft lion tries to outdo it with a loud roar! In addition to many loving details, we’ve chosen yarns that not only impress with an extensive color palette, but are also EXTRA SOFT, and with a few exceptions, can be EASILY MACHINE WASHED.

There is a lot to discover on a mini safari – we bet you’ll quickly reach for your knitting or crochet hooks - have lots of fun!

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