Lana Grossa

Issue 18

ROSÉ AND NATURE: SUPER CUTE BUT STILL CHIC! Not everyone one has a princess at home, so naturally we have included other themed trends for you to view in our new Infanti magazine.

It goes without saying, that you will be able to knit every design in any color you wish. There are no creative boundaries here, and your reward is a child’s beaming smile, content with their cuddly new outfit.

In the new Infanti magazine we have prepared over 80 designs: sweaters, cardigans, slipovers, scarves, and wool hats… countless knitted toys, a hanging pocket organiser, a rug that looks like a polar bear and soooo much more!!!  Counting them all will be a challenge as you will find yourself swooning over the many magical new designs.

Well, get going! Choose something now and look forward to seeing the joyful sparkle in a child’s eyes.

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