Lana Grossa

Issue 74

Simply “Hygge”Lounge wear and accessories in Scandi-look – for you and your home.

Interior design styles come and go. In this booklet you will find two design trends that have stood the test of time. Maybe you find the classics too boring? Then have a look through our color schemes.

Being content is highly valued by the Danish, the single word “Hygge” expresses this feeling with great clarity. Your space designed to be timelessy relaxed… light, friendly & welcoming through the use of sensual, tactile materials. To replicate this look, this feeling, please leaf through our new HOME magazine now.

Our designs in Bauhaus-Style are minimalistic yet beautiful. We have graphic patterns with subtle tones for this pared back, classical finish. Also in this edition: Individualistic bright and colorful home accessories for both children and adults, with vivid patterns and color combinations.

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