Lana Grossa

Issue 73

The squirrel knitter method.

What, may you ask, is a squirrel knitting method? Indulge us, for a moment. In late summer the squirrel knitters will feverishly gather their stockpiles for the winter. The typical stash will include knitting and crocheting booklets, plenty of jolly sorbet colored yarns, a streaming subscription and a moving box full to the brim with cookies, red wine, chocolate and candy bars. Basically, all the good things!

Who cares when jack frost comes a knock'n, as a squirrel knitter you are well prepared! Just ignore him, the grey wintry times have little effect on your mood… like water off a duck's back. Your fitness program will need to get going in the spring again, but for now winter means comfort and happiness to be enjoyed with all the senses.

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