Lana Grossa

Issue 5

Please sir. I want some more!

Absolutely! Its always an advantage when one has more balls of yarns – Gomitolo is Italian and translated it means ball of yarn – as one can decide on a whim which project to go with. This is the same with most situations in life as well as a Gomitolo knitting project.

Our delicate DENIM yarn is always reliable and with bad weather the mood is quickly improved with our motely colored stripes of DOPPIO. On holidays choose the breathtaking beautiful ALOHA as a travel companion and on those chocolate craving days, our bright DENIM INCA yarn will cheer you up. And if it should be romantic, we have pulled an ace card with our extravagant SUMMER TWEED yarn.

Gomitolo is not just a yarn but a reliable partner for every mood, everyday of the year.

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