Lana Grossa

Issue 54

A little more glamour in our everyday lives, please!

We were in Morocco in an absolutely fairy-tale atmosphere to photograph our new summer models. What was planned as a normal photo session, turned into a mission for more glamour and colour in our everyday lives. We’ve been combining grey with grey for long enough now, and when we were feeling very “cheeky”, we maybe added a touch of saffron. We think it’s now time for wonderful metallic yarns in shades of copper, silver, gold, platinum and brass. Fans of cotton and linen yarns can choose from all the colours of the desert and work these to lovely structured pieces. If that’s still not enough anti-grey, then you’ll find bright bonbon colours in many shades of olive-green and pink.

Even if you’re neither a knitter nor a friend of crochet, once you have seen this journal you will certainly start to think about planning a trip to North Africa.

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