Lana Grossa

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Our responsibility

As a manufacturer and supplier of handknitting yarns, LANA GROSSA is particularly concerned about the environment and the conditions under which our products are manufactured. We work with suppliers who are equally committed to complying with environmental guidelines and fair working conditions and who share our ethical values.

This applies to the raw materials we use as well as the production of our high-quality yarns.
All LANA GROSSA yarns are produced in leading Italian spinning mills.

All companies we partner with adhere to the efficient use of resources and to socially and environmentally compatible standards according to EU regulations as well as to Oeko-Tex standards, which are based on environmental management, chemicals and their use, quality management and health and occupational safety. And of course also to the unified European Textile Labelling Act, which informs our customers and end users about the raw material content of our products. That is why we as a company do not have an alternative to raw materials from Italy. Not only because of the short transport routes to our central warehouse in Gaimersheim in the heart of Bavaria, which is certainly another advantage when it comes to logistical questions and quality control.

The same goes for the storage of goods. Our stock is housed in a modern high-bay warehouse. Optimum space utilization, efficient logistics and less transport damage to goods are the advantages as well as the monitoring by a warehouse management system, which documents all movements of goods and the current inventory before products are sent to our retail partners.

Yarns made in Italy

Why do we automatically associate the words “Made in Italy” with luxury and first-class quality?
What exactly is it that makes fashion from Italy and everything connected with it so special?
The secret lies in centuries-old craftsmanship, quality materials and a unique attitude to life that Italian wool and yarn suppliers successfully convey to their products.

Like to handmade crochet and knit designs that add a touch of “Dolce Vita” to every wardrobe. LANA GROSSA’s yarn and design collections are based on a sense of tradition with a flair for trends that is important to many customers.

Superb craftsmanship, high-quality yarns, ingenious colour palettes and a stylish look transform every creative design into a timeless, individual favourite piece – for decades to come.

The Piedmont and Tuscany regions are not only well-known for their food, but are also the cradle of traditional craftsmanship, especially the wool processing industry.

At LANA GROSSA we believe that sustainability is the result of high product quality and the associated product longevity. We strive to meet these requirements on a daily basis.

Our yarns

More about the origin of our yarns

We are particularly concerned about sustainability and the conditions under which our products are manufactured.

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