Lana Grossa


Our novelty for spring/summer 2023 comes in 8 different colors. It is a delicately shiny cotton blend yarn with bamboo fibers in a striped look.

The bamboo viscose is an artificially produced fiber from the natural raw material bamboo. As a textile fiber, it has similar properties to silk, but is softer. The positive properties besides the silky sheen are breathability and the antibacterial effect.
Due to the 50% cotton in this blend, the Bamboo is also very cuddly. It does not scratch and has a long life. Models made of this yarn are ideal for warm weather, as the fiber is good at releasing excess heat to the outside.

So what else are you waiting for? Dare to try this unique yarn!

May I introduce?

Fancy summer?

We have the right thing for you: 4 models & 8 colors, because if we go online with such a novelty, then of course we want to chop, not spill. The scarves are quickly conjured up and are absolutely trendy. The two short-sleeved sweaters are also ideal for the summer. Let's see - maybe you still create all four models before it gets really hot.

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