Lana Grossa



Young knitters rejoice! LANA GROSSA, the renowned wool manufacturer, have gotten together with knitwear Label KNIT KNIT Berlin,  to introduce a new yarn WOOHOO especially for GEN Z. Colors, designs and knitting patterns are designed with 15- to 29-year-olds in mind, but it’s perfect for those that are simply young at heart too!

LANA GROSSA and KNIT KNIT combine their new trendy color yarn with self-knit and crochet casual styles. So, it’s no surprise that shades are called Pink Madonna, Yo Yellow or Berlin Winter and designs have names like the "Anomaly" cardigan or the "Häh" crochet bag.

This wool is an instant eye catcher, instead of the usual ball of yarn, the 100 percent virgin wool Merino EXTRA FINE comes in a 200 gram cone. In this format it requires less handling and is therefore more sustainable – and for the sake of animal welfare it’s of course mulesing free.

WOOHOO, with its patterns, is a wool both for beginners and more advanced crafters alike. Additional video tutorials are provided –  the so-called Knit Hacks –  to guide knitters and crocheters to their end goal, even on the trickiest pieces.  A masterpiece from your own needles, not just something off the peg.

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