Lana Grossa


As a manufacturer of high-quality hand knitting yarns, animal welfare and sustainability are especially close to our heart. As a result, our yarns are not only GOTS certified – but we have also undergone inhouse testing to that standard and passed with flying colors! The LANA GROSSA certificate number is: 35827.

All our products since our newly released 2020 collections are guaranteed mulesing free. The raw materials for our wool are sourced from regions that due to their climate do not practice mulesing. Consequently, most of our merinos originate from South America.

There is a proportion of our collection where the country of origin for the raw materials is Australia. The material sourced there meets our unavoidably challenging requirements for both fiber fineness and structure. Suppliers from this region confirm that these extra-fine merino yarns are also guaranteed mulesing free. Included in these wools, among others, are our Cool Wool, Cool Wool Big and Bingo yarns.

We like to keep things transparent, which is why information on country of origin and production location of our yarns is available to all customers at any time. Here you will find an overview of the natural materials used in our yarns.

SARA NURU, the face of our new campaign, is an ambassador for both the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Karlheinz Böhm trust „People for People“. She is committed to SUSTAINABILITY and FAIR WORKING CONDITIONS in Ethiopia – her parent’s homeland and the country where her coffee is originated.

Since 2016 SARA NURU is the brand ambassador for LANA GROSSA. We share the same values and are also committed to environmental protection and animal welfare. These are important components of our corporate philosophy. For further information visit:

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