Lana Grossa


READY, SET, color!

Mohair Moda meets Berlin indie chic furnishing us with exciting new styles.

When opposites attract, out pops the combination of the year: Lana Grossa luxury yarn Mohair Moda meets Berlin indie style — behold three exciting sets including cardigan, sweater, top and balaclava. All the garments are laid back, elegant and just a little bit “out there”.

The inspiration for the fresh designs on the following pages stem from a cooperation with a Berlin Label. Unlike design and material, this partnership is founded on similarities. Just like Lana Grossa, this company is also keen to add a kick of fresh innovation to the traditional knitting craft.

The special trick lies in the ingenious mix of design, material and color. This turns a few grams of wool into a garment as unique and exclusive as its creator. With this in mind, get those needles out and shine like a star!

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