Lana Grossa

Issue 2022

As Tanja Steinbach says so beautifully in the current Meilenweit Booklet No. 7: "Trust me: The sight of a well-filled drawer with self-knitted socks makes you happy and proud!" Besides, you can never have enough of self-knitted socks!

Therefore, with the new Christmas special edition, we now present you with the agony of choice: Do you want to knit the first pair of socks for your loved ones as a gift directly from this one? Or do you already have your own ritual that says that every year first your drawer is expanded by one (or two, or three ... ;-) Christmas socks pair?

What, you don't have a socks Christmas tradition yet? Then it's about time! Sock knitting prolongs the anticipation of Christmas. Make yourself comfortable on your sofa, relax with your most beautiful hobby and think about your joyful loved ones, to whom you also give your time and attention with new Christmas socks.

We wish you a great Advent season and a reflective holiday.

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