Lana Grossa

Issue 1

Surprisingly soft: the new linen yarns Solo Lino and Solo Lino Mélange

FLAX is a wonderful little plant. It not only gives us a beautiful blue sea of flowers, but once harvested also very valuable oil. And on top of all that, it can be spun to linen, a wonderful textile. Linen both absorbs and releases moisture, so that when things get warm, linen is always COOL. It is also dirt-repellent and more or less anti-static. Linen is difficult to dye and therefore often looks a bit faded – or you could say sun-kissed.

This non-plus ultra summer material has two sides – it can be very casual or extremely luxurious. But sometimes it could be a bit softer. That’s why we have done some experimenting and simply processed the flax fibres to VISCOSE. And so in a combination with natural linen, we now have two totally NEW yarns. There are 14 different shades in SOLO LINO, the plain-coloured variant. In the second variant, SOLO LINO MÉLANGE (12 colours) an un-dyed percentage of the yarn gives it a lively, granular look. So let’s get going!

Sporty, chic, romantic: the best trendy pieces are on the following pages!

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