Lana Grossa

Issue 13

When children discover fashion…

With children, it’s one of those things. Yesterday, you were still nursing them, today, they suddenly have their first day of school. From this moment on, everything changes. Gone are the times when mom knows it all and can do anything. Then, as if overnight, the little ones have formed their own perspective on the world, full of opinions and fashion sense – and that doesn’t always thrill parents.

For anyone who has ever tried to convince an eight-year-old that jeans are a better choice for a family gathering than sweatpants, you know exactly what I’m talking about: when it comes to fashion mom and dad no longer have a say. On top of that, if grandma has an opinion too, the whole house could come tumbling down.

Our tip for stress avoidance: don’t even try to interfere. It’s not necessary. On the following pages you will find the solution in the form of sweaters, cardigans, slipovers and jackets that will make parents, grandmas and children equally happy. This way, you give the kids space to spread their wings and mom stays the best mom forever!

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