Lana Grossa

Issue 2021

Stable Nets work!

So you care about our environment. You also, unsurprisingly, care about how you look. For that you need not apologise - #sorrynotsorry.

You do need a simple carrier bag though…so what do you responsibly do? May we introduce our incredible mesh net carrier bag. It’s the it-bag-trend of the moment, indispensable day in and day out, to carry your shopping, your swim gear or your lunch. When you see our lovely net shopping bags it would not surprise us one bit that your memories will transport you back to when you were young, when these were all the go. As with all things in fashion, they have come back around again and at no better time, to help us focus on reducing our environmental footprint.

Handicrafts can rescue us, because with every crocheted, sewn or knitted bag we can help avoid plastic, using sustainable, reusable, good looking net shopping bags.

You might consider joining #makemetakeme, the joint sustainability action collaboration of Initiative Handicrafts and You can crochet and knit your way through our Imagine-flyer while contributing to #noplastic, it all helps to pass on a world in a better condition to future generations.

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