Lana Grossa

Issue 12

GOMITOLO is the Italian word for ball, a description that really is an understatement . OPERE D‘ARTE = a work of art, gives more justice to this yarns’ composition. Whether expressionistic or printed with gentle gradients – Gomitolo yarns become your tubes of paint, your knitting needles the brushes and you the artist.

With this issue, in addition to our “old masters” Gomitolo ALPACA und Gomitolo VERSIONE, we present you with three new additions: Gomitolo ARTE, Gomitolo DIPINTO und Gomitolo PABLO.

Best of all: even though all three have the same yardage and require the same needle size, with a little imagination, one set of instructions can achieve completely different results. Have lots of fun painting – pardon me – knitting!

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