Lana Grossa

Issue 67


Summer is on the way. Since it will probably be a hot one, the designers are providing us with a full complement of comfy airy mesh and crochet optic designs. Loose silhouettes also promise balanced comfort. Other trends: Polo necks are here to stay. In addition, there are modern twists borrowed from retro styles that allude to the good old days.  Besides the natural tones, black and white is on show – timeless non-colors that can be effortlessly combined. Optimistic tones of yellow and green, pink and blue lift the spirits. Stripes also make life colorful. Afterall we all need a bit of magic, helping us to remain positive as we steer our energies calmly through global turmoil.


With RICCIO, soft cotton is invisibly twisted with a fine but sturdy polyamide thread. The result is a terrycloth-like knitted texture that subtly transports us to the laid back midsummer looks of the seventies. PER TUTTI also features soft cotton fibers. This chainette yarn appears interesting and luxurious due to the regular switch between frayed and smooth-shiny sections. THE LOOK captivates with a round and velvety optic, reminiscent of a cuddly caterpillar. Additionally, the voluminous polyester yarn guarantees a quick knit.


CAMPO consists of eight multi-ply twisted cotton viscose threads. Knitted, it delivers matt glossy pieces with a vibrant and natural appearance. With SOTTILE, a delicate cotton tube is filled with soft merino fibers. This method results in lightweight garments that keep you warm even on cooler days. For silk fans there is SETAPURA. This luxurious innovative yarn creates a subtle knobbly knitted texture and is very gentle on the skin, PROMESSA consists of 70 percent organic cotton. This full soft filled yarn gives clean, sculptural look stitches.


Pure Pima cotton makes COTONELLA ultrasoft and luxurious. The print only adds to this with magical creamy stripes. For MOSAICO, fine cotton flames are twisted with a linen viscose blend. The print creates irregular stripes. In addition there are slightly faded tones that give a sun-kissed look. DIVERSA PRINT extends the Diversa ready to order-yarn range with a color gradient option. The cotton viscose blend has a pleasantly dry feel. The mottled knitted stitches are broadly striped and held in harmonious colors.

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