Lana Grossa

Issue 63


For us, springtime begins when our thick socks remain in the drawer, outdoor coffees with friends don’t involve down-jackets and we finally get to use our sweatpants for jogging.

Naturally we´ve always loved the freedom the warmer seasons grant us. Through its restrictions the pandemic has made us more acutely aware of this. As a result, each friendly encounter seems doubly joyful, yet also strangely humbling. We at LANA GROSSA are celebrating the upcoming season with new knitwear that encapsulates this mindset.

With timeless and sustainable garments which Mum AND daughter will love or Power-Looks, where rich tones and denim blue hues dominate. There is also something for those with more extravagant tastes. Ultimately, after the dark months at home, we want to finally get out to see and be seen. It’s only human after all!

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