Lana Grossa

Issue 2022

Long live our popular and sought-after Brigitte wool. It's hard to imagine winter without these cosy and warming balls. In this Leporello we present our six favourite models made from Brigitte licensed yarns.

The Brigitte No. 2 is made of 47% alpaca, 45% cotton and 8% virgin wool. Since alpaca fibres have no wool grease content, they can also be worn by people with wool allergies. Our Brigitte No. 3 convinces with 57 % extra fine merino wool, 20 % super kid mohair and 23 % polyamide. This wool is therefore particularly fluffy and warming.

What? You don’t have a woolly companion made from it in your wardrobe yet? Well, it’s about time! You will see: a new garment made from this wool will likely be your absolute favourite go-to-piece. 

To get you started we have put together six of our highlights in this booklet. You can find LOTS more inspiration just like these designs at your nearest stockist of your choice or simply here (click). Have lots of fun rummaging and knitting.

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